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A Trusted Distributor of Black Urea Products

Soils First NQ is based in Far North Queensland. Our store welcomes farmers North to the Cape, West to the Border and South to Mackay. We supply Black Urea products from our facilities in Innisfail, Tolga and Townsville.

If you’re looking for custom blends, our team can help you out. We can guide you on finding the right granular fertiliser that you can mix with any Black Urea variant so you can achieve the right nutrient requirements for your crops.

Black Urea composition

Benefits of Using Black Urea

Maximise Your Nitrogen

Black Urea has been industry-tested and has been proven to help plants absorb 25% more nitrogen. This extended release for crops is possible due to the increase in activity into the nitrogen cycle.

Minimise Your Inputs

The efficient technology that Advanced Nutrients uses can help you save on farm input bills. Black Urea can be applied via any means and at any time of the crop cycle. This makes our product unique!

Maximise Your Profit

Using Black Urea can help you reduce your fertiliser input rate without sacrificing your yield. This efficiency will allow you to save up 10-20% on your yearly purchase and increase the profit you’re making!

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Purchase Arrangements

All purchases and pick-ups are made through our head office at 4-6 Clifford Road. You can call our staff so we can assist you properly. We can also arrange for delivery with our reliable and reasonably-priced freight partners.